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Magnesium Tooling Plate

Magnesium is the lightest of all structural metals, aluminum being 1.5 times heavier and steel being 4 times heavier. Wrought magnesium tooling plate (alloy AZ31) has the following benefits and characteristics:

Characteristic Benefit
Damping Absorbs vibration for longer life, while retaining dimensional stability.
Tooling 4 to 5 times greater tool life.
Finish Up to 5 times more machinable than rolled aluminum.
Costs Machine dry, without oil or chemicals.
Weight Easier handling saves energy and time.
Flatness Eliminates surface machining.
Stability No stress relief after machining; no warps and is dent resistant.
Welding Strong weldments up to 95% of parent metal, with minimal porosity.
Alkali-Resistant Makes for easy cleaning.
Corrosion Resistant A wide variety of chemical treatments exists for corrosion protection, alteration of surface appearance, and to provide a base for painting. Basic engineering precautions averts galvanic corrosion.
Strength Excellent strength and stiffness per unit weight.
Non-Galling Sound and rugged surface, offering a low coefficient of friction and minimum wear,
Rapid Heat Dissipation Ideal for a broad range of operating temperatures, from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Nonmagnetic Good for electrical and computer applications.
Unit Volume Yield Greater amount of finished magnesium material obtained, pound for pound.
Salvage Scrap retains a consistently high level of value.

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