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Dictionary – Z



(Chemical Symbol Zn) – Element No. 30 of the periodic system. Atomic weight 65.38. Blue-white metal; when pure, malleable and ductile even at ordinary temperatures; melting point 7870°F., boiling point 16650°F., specific gravity 7.14. It can be electrodeposited and is used extensively as a coating for steel (See Galvanizing) and sheet. Zinc finds many outlets, such as dry batteries, etc. Zinc-base alloys are of great importance in die casting. Its most important alloy is brass.


(Chemical Symbol Zr.) – Element No. 40 of the periodic system. Atomic weight 91.22. Specific gravity 6.5 and melting point at about 3200° +/- 1300°F. Because of its great affinity for oxygen and combines readily with nitrogen and sulfur, it is used as a deoxidizer and scavenger in steel making. It is used as an alloy with nickel for cutting tools and is used in copper alloys.