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MetalMart International, Inc. (formerly known as MetalMart Inc.), was founded in 1974 and has a long history of providing personalized service to its highly quality-oriented customers in the aerospace and defense industries – as well as many customers who need quality metallic products for automotive, medical, and other commercial applications.

In the early 1990’s, MetalMart acquired Mark Metals, a specialty distributor of magnesium alloys and today MetalMart is the largest stocking distributor of wrought magnesium products in the United States.

In 2002 MetalMart was acquired by the Lippman family, the owners of TD Materials, Inc., a storied family owned distributor of aluminum extruded products for over sixty years, until its sale in 1998. The same family, now at the helm of MetalMart International, is proud to merge its decades of history in the metals industry with MetalMart’s own history.

The founders of TD Materials Inc. started with a tiny warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, during the depths of the depression in the year 1937.  With the advent of the Second World War, tubing was in great demand.  The company, then called Tube Distributors, expanded to help the war effort.  The company stored material for the government, and later its products were to be found in just about every airplane that took to the skies – from the early DC3′s on to the nation’s programs in outer space.

As time passed, the name was change to TD Materials to reflect the varying products beyond tubing.  Over time, the company management moved to the second and third generations, as the daughter of the founders, and then her adult children together took over management responsibility.  After nearly 70 years, the same family today continues the tradition of service and personal attention that has been the hallmark of these family-owned metal businesses for generations!