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The Worlds Largest Stocking Distributor of MAGNESIUM ALLOYS


  • We are the largest wrought magnesium distributor in the world!
  • We supply Off-the-Shelf Rod, Plate, Bar, Sheet and extrusions in all Alloys and Sizes
  • We offer cut to size and Just in Time services
  • We will produce your specific part from start to finish – you provide the idea – we will provide the product.
*** Sheet, Plate, Bar, Castings, Forgings, Extrusions ***
AZ31-TP Tooling Plate From .250″ to 14″ thickness AZ31B-H24 Sheet & Plate From .020″ to 3″ thickness
AZ31B-O Sheet & Plate From .020″ to 3″ thickness AZ31B-F Round Bar From .250″ to 14″ diameter
ZK60A-T5 Flat Bar Many sizes!! ZK60A-F Flat Bar Many sizes!!
ZK60A-T5 Round Bar From 1″ to 15″ diameter ZK60A-F Round Bar From 1″ to 15″ diameter
AZ61A-F Round Bar From 1″ to 3.125″ diameter Forgings, Castings, and Special Extruded Shapes
Magnesium Chips and Turnings

Properties of Magnesium Alloy


Where is Magnesium used?

  • Aerospace, defense and satellite applications where weight reduction is critical
  • Electronic components where shock absorbing qualities are crucial
  • Automotive/Motor sports applications where weight reduction and strength are required
  • Mechanical vibration shakers for test fixtures


Why Magnesium?

  • Magnesium is the lightest industrial metal in the world
  • One third lighter than aluminum
  • Magnesium is as strong as aluminum
  • Magnesium is shock absorbing and dampens vibrations
  • Magnesium is very machinable
  • We supply AZ31, AZ61, AZ80, and ZK60 Alloys, among others


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